Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tweaking my design philosophy

My view on design aesthetic is to have a sophisticated and well constructed, quality product. I am influenced and inspired by the pursuit of innovative design strategies, and challenging traditional sillhouettes and shapes. Designs are created from a desire to reconstruct and experiment with conventional aspects of dress, with a futuristic approach to shape, fit and sillhouette. As a designer I return constantly to techniques of linework and panelling to achieve these looks. My designs are made from the finest knits to the softest silks, and constructed with meticulous hand labour and technique.

The target customer for this aesthetic is a mindest. They appreciate tailoring and detail, and respond to the conceptual layers of culture, art and society within each design. They are a chameleon. They are innovators.

I have discovered that the strategies of sustaibable implementation which appeal to me most are those that are subtle and encompass humanitarian efforts. I believe in building strong business fundementals which inspire and support local industry, and consider a conscious footprint not only in the product, but within the industry and society.

Concerning the product, I aspire for the constant pursuit of technological innovations in ethical product materials, and in each design consider the longeivity of the item, ensuring a high standard of quality and excellence.
Considering the industry, I aspire to implement a strong Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring ethical working practices and product manufacturing and distribution
Considering society, I aspire for the influence and support of communities, promoting environmental awareness and actively challenging political issues from profit.

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