Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday we had a group meeting with Louise to discuss the aspects of her work which we would incorporate into our garments. One of the key things that draws a theme within our works is an interest in projection and technology, it looks like the group will be tied in thematically with some kind of an interpretation of Louise's blue-screen techinques.

I'm personally working around a garment which will be relatively neutral coloured so not to detract from whatever will be projected onto it. In my stash I collected a large wedding skirt and an undergarment that has gathering detail in soft mauve tulle. At this point I'd like to work towards creating a fuller shape from the wedding skirt, so that imagery can be projected through layering or something. In response to Louise's concepts of self-exploration throughout her work, I like the idea of incorporating different texturising techniques to my garment as if to represent the aspects of personality. Louise's work has an element of clumsiness which I think will work well...because although I aspire towards perfection in my work, a lot of the time I set myself out meticulous tasks and techniques and lose patience with them easily. I'm working on it! But I think it will be a good chance to take the opportunity to explore some of those techniques without fear of....not so much, a messy outcome, but more expressive experimentation.

This is actually a really ironic process to be taking on of Louise's. Normally I don't really like the idea of including too many aspects of my personality into my work. I usually work strictly with a concept and an aesthetic...which is perhaps why I always want to work with complicated and meticulous textures and shapes. It acts as a facade, a subconscious barrier for people to primarily notice the technique, not necassarily the motifs or the designer behind it.

So it is a challenge to be doing a project where I am drawing inspiration from myself to express myself. I don't think I will be entirely comfortable with it the whole way through...I think there will come a point where I feel like the piece has enough said about me and I'll try and disguise the fragments if I think they are too exposed.
Who knowwwwssss.

Louise has been really helpful in encouraging the intuition of this process, and I like that aspect.

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