Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Groovers and Shakers: Sustainable Innovators

I decided to include a bit of sustainable inspiration from some sustainable practitioners across the world. I admire them for their technological advances, innovative thinking and environmental thoughtsmanship to remind me that sustainable fashion doesn't just mean wearing hemp trousers.

  • Helen Furber, a recent graduate of Cordwainers London College of Fashion.
    "Icica Wedges"
    Each part of Helen Furber‘s shoes can be disassembled post-consumption for recycling, and the stalactite-looking heel is actually made of bio-resin, which is a material derived from sunflower oil and is used for casting and laminating.

Icica from Helen Furber on Vimeo.

  • Maxjenny Forslund: MAXJENNY
    ‘The concept is to create simple, unique and timeless clothing made from high quality sustainable materials, with stylish cuts and minimal seams. The collections consist of clothing that stays true season after season, clothing you will want to wear again and again… concentrating on a few styles and evolving the assortment gradually, without sharp boundaries between seasons’ (The Ethical Fashion Blog, 15-02-10)

  • Christopher Raeburn, 2006 graduate of the Royal College of Art
    Jackets made from redeployed military fabrics. Not only are they aesthetically delicious and perfectly executed but they are also functional, waterproof and ready for all kinds of action.

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