Sunday, August 22, 2010

C'est Fin.

On a quiet day in studio, I managed to finish my garment. I have calculated a total of 30hours labour into this garment, considering production and concept realization.
It has been an interesting journey. I've learnt a lot and challenged a lot more. It has been strange to take such an intuitive process, abandoning the linear system of conceptualizing and toiling and designing, but I am happy with the end product.

I don't know much about the outcome of For Us By Us in terms of exhibition and public forum...I thought I'd feel a little bit hesitant to let such an intrinsic process be exposed to audience. But it would seem as though I have been watched the entire process anyhow, with the documentary...and quizzed on motifs and feelings. Scruitiny is something I have been scared of in previous works, but I think it is the passion behind the collaboration and promotion of Brisbane creative industries which has made it an easier process.

Louise's work doesn't have a definitive finish, which I have accepted in my own work in this garment...there are things I could tweak, reconisder. And I think there will always be things I'll question or want to pursue in it...but I'll leave that to other endeavours and experiments in my practice.
For the time being, c'est fin.

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