Saturday, August 21, 2010

Advances and experimentations

Today I removed the waistband of the skirt and decided to experiment with the conventional upside of it. I discovered in the hemline a double layering of net tulle which I imagine was used to support the hemline and train to stay flat.
Earlier in the week I was talking to Mark about how he constructed the gathering in his sister's wedding dress, and I remembered him describing a technique to me about curtain tape and creating gathers that billowed out from the waistline. It wasn't the same technique I had in mind for the skirt, but I did want to accentuate gathers in the waistline so I figured that by pleating the hemline, the tulle layering in the hemline would act as a double support and make the pleats more voluminous.
So the pleating at the waistline has been created from the double-strength hemline, which resulted in neater pleats too.

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