Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a² + b² = c²

I had an interesting discussion the other day about fashion designer and it's linear processes.
I think that is what is the scariest bit about this project, is that everything we've learned is kind of being turned on it's head. There is no right or wrong anymore, which is a bit of a mindfuck to get your head around.
The main issue with this at this stage of studio is that, after experimentation in first year and being taught the foundations of fashion design, you come into second year learning to appreciate commercial viability and the practices of the industry a lot better in preparation for third year when your collection is suppsoed to sell yourself. Whilst I think this is a fantastic project, I'm wondering whether it is better to be introduced to first years students when they can have more of the creative freedom and choice of linear direction to guide them for the rest of their studies.

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